Transshipment Terminals

With our trimodal infrastructure and superstructure, we are able to meet the specific requirements of different goods from dry bulk to heavy cargo as well as containers, offering you numerous transshipment solutions.

In bayernhafen Aschaffenburg four articulated jib harbour gantry cranes are in use alongside a portainer. Two of these cranes can also be used in twin transshipment. With interchangeable grippers their use can be optimally adapted.

Transshipment Terminals:

  • Rail bound cranes up to 50 tonnes in lifting capacity: 3 units
  • Mobile transshipment excavator up to 14 tonnes in lifting capacity: 2 units
  • Heavy cargo transshipment points for loads up to 300 tonnes: 2 units
  • Heavy cargo railway track for loads up to 300 tonnes: 1 unit
  • Work’s owned mineral oil pump: 4 units
  • Work’s owned loading point for calcium carbonate: 1 unit        
  • Trimodal transshipment terminal for combined transport: 1 unit
  • Full container reach stacker: 1 unit



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