Transshipment volume continues on a high level

Positive trend on the water

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg could keep cargo transfer on a high level in the last year. A total of 3.122 million tonnes of goods have been transshipped. This made up only a small decrease instead of the year before and the record volume in 2008. "Our diversified structure in branches and goods is reflected in a stable business of transshipment. Associated with steady investments we were able to resist the economic crises", explains port director Wolfgang Filippi.

Certainly, bayernhafen Aschaffenburg - part of the bayernhaffen Gruppe - could denote a significant plus in ship handling. Goods being transported on the water rose about 6 percent up to 860.000 tonnes. Due to a reflating economic activity notably scrap, gravel and cellulose had a growing amount of transshipment. Even the increasing shifting of beechwood transports on ship and rail caused a higher volume of transshipment. In contrast the handling on rail and truck had a little decrease. 215.000 tonnes were transported by rail (minus 12,6 percent), 2.047 million tonnes by truck (minus 1,3 percent).

Further information about special activities in 2010 and an outlook you can read here:

annual press release (German) 

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