"Jenny" makes her last voyage

The motor-coaster docks in Aschaffenburg on its final voyage.

Aschaffenburg, 30 August 2010 - Aschaffenburg was the final dock that the motor-coaster "Jenny" will ever see. From the Northern Bavarian port, heavy-duty transporters carried the vessel to its new home: Babenhausen in the state of Hessen, where "Jenny" will be a novelty attraction as a swimming pool in the future.


Finally its adventures on the seas were over on 28 August 2010 as "Jenny" made its last voyage into bayernhafen Aschaffenburg. An inland navigation vessel transported "Jenny" all the way from the Netherlands via the Ijsselmeer lake, the Rhine and the Main to its final port of call in Aschaffenburg. In order to handle and transport the ship, it was dismantled into three equally heavy parts, each weighing 70 tonnes.

On arrival in bayernhafen Aschaffenburg, the costal vessel was then brought to quay 5 before being lifted onto three heavy-duty transporters using a 500 tonne truck crane. The transporters then carried "Jenny" to the outdoor pool in the nearby town of Babenhausen, just over the Bavarian/Hessian border. After being put back together, the vessel is planned as an eatery for guests of the pool.

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