Double-digit growth of rail freight and containers

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg invests resolutely in location development

Rail freight increased by 21.57% in 2013.

Aschaffenburg, 20 March 2014 - Sow Today, Harvest Tomorrow - that is the motto by which site architect bayernhafen Aschaffenburg, a part of the bayernhafen Group, is consistently investing in its infrastructure and portfolio of properties. By doing so, it is creating the best possible conditions for its present and future resident businesses on existing sites as well as on sites under conversion and development.

The total cargo handled on all three modes of transport, ship, rail and road, is stabilizing at a high level: The 52,563 t increase to 3,206,584 t (previous year 3,154,021 t) equates to a growth of +1.67%. Rail freight rose by 21.57% to 252.000 t in 2013 (+ 44.735 t compared to 2012). Even container handling is continuing to grow: In 2013, for instance, TCA Trimodales Containerterminal Aschaffenburg GmbH handled a total of 7,358 TEU (standard units) - a growth of 1,013 TEU or +15.97 % compared to 2012. Ship freight, on the other hand, dropped by 11% to 787,502 t. The reasons for this are restructurings among resident businesses, dockworker strikes in the summer of 2013 and the subsequent modal shift onto rail.

You can read the detailed press release here.

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