Belarusian Delegation and InSite BAVARIA in Dialogue with the Site Architects

Strategic development of business locations was the main focus of interest for the Belarusian visitors.

Aschaffenburg, November 4, 2015.

A five-member group of visitors from Belarus, including the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers and representatives of a Chinese-Belarusian company, joined InSite BAVARIA in early November on a fact-finding mission to find out more about bayernhafen Gruppe's business model.

In its role as competence centre for industrial site development, InSITE BAVARIA is the central point of contact for public and private site developers from around the world. This, of course, also includes the visitors from Belarus, who are planning the construction of a 90 km2 industrial park in the East European republic.

As the largest managed industrial and business park in bayerische Untermain, bayernhafen Aschaffenburg naturally attracts a great deal of interest.

Port Director Filippi explained the role played by bayernhafen Gruppe as site architect and used the commercial redevelopment of the former substation as a concrete illustration of the strategic development of the port.

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