Groundbreaking for Gas Station

Roth invests in modern fuel supply - from storage tank to filling station

Groundbreak for new gas station is set (from left): Wilfried Klein (branch manager Roth), mayor Klaus Herzog, Frank Smajek (CEO Roth) an port director Wolfgang Filippi

At Access West to the port, Adolf Roth GmbH & Co. KG started the construction of a new filling station. With the planned completion by March next year customers can "fill up everything which is on the market," explains CEO Frank Smajek. This applies to diesel, gasoline, LPG ​​and E10 just well as to cool drinks, which will be offered in a shop.

Traffic shift within port area

The filling opportunity in the Kohlenkaistraße, which was previously mainly used by heavy goods traffic, will be transferred to the port’s edge. Thereby bayernhafen Aschaffenburg expects to optimize the internal port traffic and Roth expects a new contact point for additional customers. A sufficient retaining area in conjunction with three accesses and two exits should straighten the traffic operations at Access West to the port. Moreover, the remaining area of land between Darmstädter Straße and Stockstadter Weg stays reserved for parking lots of the nearby cemetery.

Total investment of four million euros

For the construction of the new station, Roth invests about two million euros in new gas station. Afterwards, further two million euros will be invested in the existing storage tank in the Kohlenkaistraße by installing an upgraded tank car filling station. An additional pipework builds the opportunity to pump also diesel into the tanks of six million litres from ship delivery. From there fuel should even go to the station at Access West.

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