Polo Back On Road

All five occupants escaped with no more than a fright

The correct choice of the appropriate mode of transport in logistics industry is partly a result of complex cost optimization models. Sometimes, however, the assignment is quite simple: A Volkswagen Polo belongs on the road!

Fortunately, nobody was injured as a rookie driver lost control of her car at the turning area of the Werfstraße and crashed it into the dock. All five occupants of 18 to 19 years were able to get out of the car by themselves before it sank to the bottom within seconds. Luckily, the windows of the five-door-model were open, otherwise the accident could have ended much more serious. The exact cause is still unclear. Alcohol or drugs, according to police spokesman, however played no role.

A mobile crane corrected the involuntary change of transport by returning the car back on the street. There was no effect on port operations. "We had all kinds of goods passing water's edge. However, we prefer that you ask us in advance for the right equipment" says port director Wolfang Filippi, relieved after the accident got off lightly.


A mobile crane returns the Polo back on the road observed by many people.
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