1450-horsepower driving force for container trains in Aschaffenburg

bayernhafen group invests strongly in rail

With an experience of 37 years, the power of 1450 hp, painted in a blue-silver glossy finish, it is the new driving force of bayernhafen Aschaffenburg. The diesel locomotive with brand name Adtranz now takes over the "last mile" in bayernhafen rail service, which are the seven kilometres from railway station to bayernhafen Aschaffenburg. There is enough work to be done as container trains run three times a week between the North Sea port of Hamburg and Aschaffenburg.

Around 750,000 € bayernhafen Aschaffenburg  - part of the bayernhafen group - invested in the gain of its fleet. Fully modernized by Gmeinder Locomotive Factory, the diesel locomotive is approved as a shunting and mainline locomotive and can be used all over Germany.

Wolfgang Filippi, port director of bayernhafen Aschaffenburg: "The new locomotive in Aschaffenburg strengthens the circulation of trains for the transport of timber and intermodal traffic. In 2010, we have already purchased a 'reach stackers', which is a mobile cargo handling equipment for containers. So we are continually expanding our portfolio of services for rail."

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Ready to take the next wagons - the diesel locomotive pulls trains up to 1.750 tonnes.
An investment for an increasing shift from road to rail. From left above: driver Wolfgang Müller, port director Wolfgang Filippi, Stefan Hammermüller (railway system workshop), Ludwig Karmann (local head of railway system), driver Rainer Böhnlein and Ernst Bilz
November TRain at work
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