Truck route guide for the city of Aschaffenburg

Commercial Commercial goods traffic has grown steadily over many years. The city’s inhabitants expect truck traffic to be routed around the city. The route taken by truck drivers to the industrial estates in the city of Aschaffenburg is frequently incomprehensible. This cannot be due to the traffic signposting as it is completely up to date.  

In order to avoid truck drivers travelling incorrectly through residential areas, the city of Aschaffenburg, in close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aschaffenburg, has developed the enclosed transport route plan. The transport route plan offers commercial road traffic users ideal routes to all industrial areas in the city of Aschaffenburg. These routes are marked by red lines. It also gives the truck driver further information on traffic restrictions, in particular on passage heights and tonnage restrictions, as well as written explanations in English, Turkish, Russian, Polish and Czech.  

The truck route guide in the city of Aschaffenburg can be downloaded here:

Truck route guide

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