Rail Transport

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg operates and maintains a high-performance public railway infrastructure with harbour railway station, signal box and a total track length of 24 km for those companies based at its site and their customers. The infrastructure is complemented by a trimodal combined transport terminal

Our extensive railway track facilities in the crane section and freight depot make for smooth shunting and stacking as well as loading and unloading of block trains. Block trains up to 700 metres in length can enter and leave the harbour railway freight terminal.

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg is connected to the trans-European rail network via the central station Aschaffenburg.

Our rail service provides the following services:

- Freight Transfer Central Station - Harbour
- Shunting in the railway infrastructure of the Port of Aschaffenburg 

To make use of the service facilities of the railway infrastructure an Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement has to be concluded in advance.

Further information on the railways or information pertaining to the Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement can be obtained from our local railway administration.

All information and documents required can be downloaded here.

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