Location Benefits

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg is located in the Bavarian part of the Rhein-Main Region. Situated on the river Main, it is part of the 3,500 km long Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal which connects the North Sea with the Black Sea.

We are connected to the transnational road network via two motorways, the A3 and A45, as well as to the national roads B469, B8 and B26. This excellent connection makes us a hub for the transport of break bulk across Europe. Any location in Germany can be reached within a radius of 550 kilometres. Aschaffenburg is part of the national and international railway network. The German high-speed ICE trains stop at Aschaffenburg's central station. A neighbouring regional airport and the close proximity of Europe's most important cargo airport at Frankfurt - just 40 kilometres away - ensure the fastest possible accessibility.

Your advantages:

  • excellent infrastructure and superstructure
  • floor-space potential
  • trimodal integration of ship, rail and truck
  • outstanding transport accessibility via all modes of Transport (ship, rail and truck, as well as by air)
  • regional retail environment for the Rhine-Main Region
  • flexible business-friendly administrative procedures
  • close cooperation between science and practical operations thanks to five universities in a vicinity of 100 kilometres
  • availability of skilled and unskilled labour
  • Bavarian Rhine-Main Region's moderate taxes and fees
  • impeccable status as an economic Location (see Chamber of Commerce Survey Germany) 
  • urban centre
  • varied educational, cultural, residential and leisure activity options on offer
  • population's positive mindset and work ethic
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